Wednesday, 14 January 2015


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It was a lazy stay home Saturday. Was surfing the net the whole day at home and then, I randomly open up my "Pictures" folders on the C drive and started looking through all the photos one by one.
Labelled "Gold Coast Trip", "BKK 04 - 08 Jan", "Seoul/Hkg/SZ" and a lot more other labelled folders and told myself, I need a blog. I need a blog to keep track of all my memories, I need a blog to let me reminisce all the little bits, good or bad, that had once happened in my life. And hence, here it is. Deleting all the previous post I have and starting all over again.

On this date, 14 January 2015, you will accompany me to walk through my life journey using this little space here. I will try my best to jot down all the little things that had happen in my life as up-to-date as possible.

As for now, BYE